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Chopra & Dhaliwal Forensic Associates (CDFA)

Our Vision

Resolve cases that helps to find acts against trust over humanity. Justice is what every individual deserves. Our commitment over results is our strength.

Core Values

Core Values Knowledge and its implementation in a right way to attain justice. Every individual has it's own individuality and every crime has it's own mouth to speak.

About CDFA

A premier forensic analysis agency specializing in a wide range of forensic disciplines including fingerprints, questioned documents, cyber investigations, audio-video analysis, background verification, photography analysis other forensic related consultancy. Our expertise is sought after by a diverse clientele comprising of advocates, companies dealing with various Forensic challenges, private individuals seeking resolution for internal family matters, and security agencies in need of reliable investigative support.

Our Services

Questioned Document Analysis

Analysis of documents like - Sale deeds, Wills, Cheques, Agreements, Suicidal notes, Passports, Gift deeds, Pension papers, Love letters, Insurance related documents, Transfer letters, Power of Attorney, Marriage certificates, Anonymous letters, symbols, logos, Photographs, etc.

Fingerprint Analysis

Analysis of chance fingerprints, partial-prints, analysis through ten digit techniques, Analysis from older documents and their comparison.

Audio-Video Analysis

Authenticity of videos and its analysis.

Fingerprint Collection

Fingerprints collection using different techniques- adhesive tape, powders, and chemicals. Collection from surface like -glass, skin, documents, papers, currency coins, currency notes, plastics, doors, windows, clothes, handles, etc.

Signatures Verification

Signatures and handwriting analysis from various sources using different techniques. Comparison between questioned signatures and admitted or specimen signatures from various documents or at various materials.

Other Forensic Field Consultancy

Consultancy, Advise and Cross preparation on cases related to forensic disciplines - ballistics, post mortem reports, toxicology, Security services, Detective services, etc.

Image Analysis

Analysis of authenticity of image or photographs. Morphed or at its original form.

Medico-Legal Consultancy

Consultancy on PMRs, medical relates legal cases, etc.

Background Verification

Investigating about Background.

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